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Our treatments are designed to achieve great results, performed with all the necessary precautions and incorporating ingredients, tips and suggestions to boost your metabolism and immune system.


We are here for you, listening to your needs and learning your goals will help us to find the root of disturbance and create your personalized treatment(s) 

Our mission is to continue our efforts to help people to be healthier, stronger, happier, aware and more beautiful every day.

Clotilde Barnes's passion for holistic healthcare and nutrition has led her around the globe. After graduating from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, the native of Veracruz, Mexico, went on to train  at the Western College of Medical Assistance and the San Francisco School of Massage while becoming a licensed medical aesthetician. Her journey to the U.S. in 2000 drew her deeper into the medical field, affording her the opportunity to work with family doctors, dermatologists, and chiropractors.

Barnes has pooled everything that science and ancient traditions have taught her and has owned her own business since 2008.

Barnes promotes health and well-being with alternative therapies such as reflexology , cupping, LED therapy, radio-frequency and ultrasound to balance body energy;  making the facial treatments just the cherry on the cake to uncover your real warrior and beautiful being.