Face and Body 

All services are customize to your needs,  Different machines and techniques are use to  ensure the results desired. after a comprehensive consultation where expectations and information collide establishing realistic goals.  They include, deep cleansing, steam, extractions and/or tag removal (as needed) masks according skin condition, massage, lotions, serums and essential oils.



Mechanical procedure that will remove dead cells and pollution agents from the very top layer of the epidermis making your skin feel smother and cleaner, 



Creation of micro-pores along the surface promoting healing process and collagen production, leaving a plump appearance, targeting brown spots, scars, lose skin


Electro-therapeutic modality that uses low levels of electrical current to facilitate circulation and cellular healing, tones the muscles. 

Dermal Fillers​

Application of Hyaluronic acid restoring temporarily the volume in specific areas


Sub-dermal application of high end ingredients to treat several conditions of the skin, such as sagging skin, acne, fat reduction, cellulite reduction


HIFU Therapy​

Ultrasound wave are induce through the skin promoting a dramatic change in collagen stimulation, skin renovation and tightening,  ideal for mature skin with laxity condition.